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Canis software is a small group that works on range of projects. Developing web applications, desktop analysis tools and currently we are working on Prehistoric Fury, which will be a free to play game, more details on our projects can be found under the projects tab.


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Prehistoric Fury

Prehistoric Fury is a free to play upcoming MMO game in which you can play as one of many creatures from all over the world and from the Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and more periods of the Earth. While initially the game will only feature land based creatures, Pterosaurs, birds and prehistoric marine life are also planned for later stages in development.

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(Now depreciated)

CanisNet is a flexible game networking engine. With support for the Unity Engine included, CanisNet can enable crossplatform play. CanisNet also enables low latency gameplay through the use of custom RUDP implementations as well as reliable secure connections with TLS/TCP for login and account management.

Blured image of sight line checker in use.

Sight Line Checker (SLC)

SLC is a high speed sight line analysis tool for stadiums, theatres or any venue with with large amounts of seating. This package can analyse views from seats just using a 3d model, then produce reports, heat maps and other data that can be used in aiding the planning of your venue.

If you are interested in a sightline checking solution, please contact us.


Formed in 2016 Canis Software is a small group that works on developing games and other applications. Despite only being a small team we believe we can create some great projects through our dedication to them and with the support of the community.

Who are we?

Name Role
William Apted Lead developer
Jordan Clark Game designer
Bill Nguyen 3D Artist


For general inquiries please contact us at: